First Impressions: Queen of Cups

Two of my decks arrived today! The Animal Wisdom Tarot and the Chrysalis Tarot.

I decided to go through the decks without looking at their accompanying books and to pick out my favorites just based on the way they look.  I then compared my two stacks to see which cards I had “favorited” in both decks.  I had five overlaps: Queen of Cups; Queen of Pentacles; Three of Cups; The Moon; and The World.

Another interesting note is that in The Animal Wisdom Tarot, my favorites were all pentacles, cups, and major arcana.  In the Chrysalis Tarot, I had at least two cards from each suit in addition to some of the major arcana cards.

I’ve decided to look at these pairs now together, first without reading their entries in the books, to see how each card makes me feel or what I see in either both cards or in one and not the other.  Then I will compare their respective entries.  Up first: the Queen of Cups.

First Impressions - Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups

The Animal Wisdom Tarot: “Sea Turtle, Nurturer of Shells”

  • This card seems peaceful and serene
  • The sea is calm and the moon shines through the water on her head like a crown
  • Other creatures: 4 fish, a starfish
  • Plants: seaweed
  • Cool colors, mostly blue and purple
  • She looks very content
  • She looks off the side of the card
  • Overall feeling: calm contentedness, happily basking in the moonlight

The Chrysalis Tarot: “The Watcher, Queen of Mirrors”

  • The card seems calm, but indeed, watchful
  • The moon shines through the tree branches illuminating the inner card frame in a lighter blue than the outside
  • Other creature: an owl in the tree branches
  • Plants: tree and grass
  • Cool colors, mostly blue and purple
  • She looks comfortable and watchful.  Like she is somewhere familiar but still calmly paying attention to what happens around her.
  • She looks off the side of the card.
  • She carries a bag and a cane, and appears to lean against the tree
  • Overall feeling: relaxed awareness of a home-like place

Side by side, they look like they’re looking at each other! Time to see what their little books say.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot: “Sea Turtle, Nurturer of Shells”

  • In addition to being tranquil and content, she loves deeply, is intuitive, and sees the good around her.

The Chrysalis Tarot: “The Watcher, Queen of Mirrors”

  • She is a psychic/mystic and encourages the Reader to develop their own intuitive abilities.

And out of curiosity, what additional insights can I gain from Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot? The Queen of cups is a dreamer and is in touch with the collective unconscious.

How can I relate all of this to my own journey?  I’m pretty happy these have ended up being the first cards I’ve begun to explore.  I have a tendency to look at the world around me and feel overwhelmed.  I internalize my stress which presents physically in headaches and digestive issues.  This makes it harder to see the beauty around me.  If I make a conscious effort to see the good and beautiful things around me and to let go of the things I can’t control I will be happier and will be able to feel and express love more deeply.

I have big dreams!  Maybe I need to trust my intuition in following these dreams and become the queen of my own journey rather than allowing outside voices to influence my ideas of what is “right” or “good” for me to do. I was never allowed much self-exploration as a kid since I was in charge of meeting the needs and managing the emotions of everyone around me.  It’s time to let my own intuition guide me to what feels right for me.  And in becoming a happier person who knows myself on a much deeper level, I will be able to better confidently exist in the world around me.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Queen of Cups

    1. I wasn’t sure about the whole, “specific cards will come up for a reason” thing. It seemed a little woo-woo for me, and I was happy to take a new perspective from whatever did come up. But you know, I’m already changing my mind! 🙂

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