First Impressions: Three of Cups

The Three of Cups was one of the five cards that I “favorited” in both of my decks.

First Impressions - Three of Cups
Three of Cups

Honestly, I don’t feel like I can tell a whole lot from the pictures themselves. I’m not very good yet at reading symbolism and and trusting my intuition. But I’ll give it a solo shot before I consult their respective books πŸ™‚

The Animal Wisdom Tarot: “Otter, Three of Shells”

  • Three happy otters, three birds, three shells, three lily pads, three cattails
  • Maybe at sunrise or sunset?

The Chrysalis Tarot: “Three of Mirrors”

  • Three mirrors, two animals
  • A lion and lamb sitting peacefully together
  • The colors are more subdued than the Three of Shells, but still seems like it could beΒ early day or dusk. So maybe something to do with beginnings or ends?

Let’s see what their books say:

The Animal Wisdom Tarot: “Otter, Three of Shells”

  • Fun, family, balanced emotions

The Chrysalis Tarot: “Three of Mirrors”

  • Also joy, family, and friends
  • It also says “do no harm”
  • I’ve got to say, though, I don’t see joy and family in this card. It’s pretty, but not “joyful”!

And how to connect these cards to my own life? It’s hard to say with only this information, so after consulting Benebell Wen’sΒ Holistic Tarot, I would say that I have an incredible support system. Even though I’m in the midst of an emotional storm right now, I probably ought to keep in mind that these people love and support me. They aren’t against me. And when I’m doing okay, we have a lot of fun together. A lot! It’s a new and strange, but really nice experience for me to have a group of people like this.

I keep finding myself waiting for the other shoe to drop because growing up love was not given unconditionally. So I think (and really believe sometimes) that they’ll give me up when they’re done with me or find someone better. On the one hand, that’s a pretty jerky thing for me to say about them. But in this survival part of my mind people are like wild animals. If I decide to let a lion cub into my home, I can’t very well be angry at it when it grows up and eats me. It’s normal. It’s my fault for being silly enough to think a lion wouldn’t eat me, so I can only blame myself.

Despite these deep-seated fears and suspicions, I think they do love me unconditionally. So even though that seems suspect from my flawed perspective, maybe I can try and reframe it as a joyful thing. Which sounds silly writing out, because duh. It just doesn’t feel that way with my trauma as a backdrop or reference.

And even though my guess about beginnings or endings didn’t show up in any of the interpretations, this is a beginning of sorts for me. The beginning of tentatively placing my heart in the hands of others and trusting them when they say they’ll care for it to the best of their ability no matter what. Like the Three of Mirrors for the Chrysalis deck, maybe I have to trust that they’ll “do no harm.” Scary stuff.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Three of Cups

  1. I love that the three of cups is represented by the Otter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :).

    I understand where your coming from in not seeing obvious joy or family in the three of mirrors. If I had to stab at the dark I’d maybe say look at the totem like mirror in the background, he looks pretty joyful to me?? And as for family, maybe it’s a family of our own making, the lion has adopted this lamb, quite the unlikely partnership, but these can often be some of the best friendships :). Not having the deck myself though, this is just a quick idea that came to mind :).

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