Daily: Six of Pentacles

Today is the first of my daily draws πŸ™‚

6 of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles, Efflorescent Tarot

The Six of Pentacles actually caught my eye yesterday as I was looking through the deck, but I was neck deep in the Reader’s ReadingΒ so I didn’t stop to look at it closely.

Personal Reflection

It reminds me of blind justice, but the woman with the scales is not the one blindfolded. The sun behind her head looks almost like a halo. While usually I prefer brighter or cooler colors, I really like something about the colors of this card. I think it’s really beautiful. I’m not sure what the blindfolds on the other two people represent, but I’m curious to find out. I would guess this card is about charity or fairness or compassion.

Reflections After Research

The figure with the scales also holds the money, so this could imply that the one with power is the one also deciding what is considered fair or who is deserving of charity. That’s kind of a pessimistic outlook. It could also indicate that the person with power (or money) is using that position of privilege to create fairness.

It looks like the blindfolds may be unique to the Efflorescent Tarot deck, but I’m still curious. For a while I worked in a place that served underserved people. We (the ones working there) had access to a lot of information about navigating different avenues of assistance. Many of the people we served were not aware of these forms of assistance until we told them. So this could in a way represent the obligation of those in positions of power/privilege to actively help people in need become aware of what may be available to them. There could be ten outstretched hands full of money in front of these blindfolded individuals, but without having access to that knowledge they may remain destitute.

Some of the people I worked with would never go out of their way to share these things with the people we served; they said they should ask if they want to know. But not everyone knows the same things or communicates in the same way. If the woman with the scales and coins only walks up to these two blindfolded people and stands there (visually communicating), she is not actually helping. She should also say, “Reach out and take these coins from my hand” or she should place the coins in their hands. These things would communicate in a way that could be perceived: sound and touch.

Helping and desiring to help are one thing, but taking the responsibility of making sure that help is effective is essential. Without this step, any “help” is just a way to make the “giver” feel good about themselves rather than an actual commitment to fairness, change, or compassion.

6 of Pentacles - animals
Animal Wisdom Tarot, Animism Tarot

From my animal decks:

Gorilla:Β Balance, sharing with the community. Take only what you need and give what you can, or else the balance is upset. Maybe that’s what the scales in the Efflorescet Tarot could represent!

Alligator & Plover:Β Both creatures benefit from their relationship. Again, the theme of balance.

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