Daily: The Lovers

Efflorescent Tarot

Since today is an anniversary with my sweetheart, I cheated and decided to explore the Lovers card today.

This card could represent a choice between two things. In Holistic Tarot, Benebell Wen writes of this card in a more conflictual way than Paul Quinn in Tarot for Life. She frames it more as a moral choice between the temptations of the physical world and virtue. Maybe because I’m feeling more optimistic today, I like Quinn’s interpretation a bit better (though of course I’ll tuck both away as possible meanings for future readings).

While Wen also discussed partnership, I like the way that Quinn expands upon the idea. “Sifted down to its essence, the Lovers Trump is not only an exclusive representation of the union of sweethearts and sexual partners (eros), it embraces the deep connections between soul mates and friends (philia). And at the other, less personal, end of the spectrum, the Lovers encompasses the unconditional, universal love for all beings (agape)” (66).

Lovers - animals
Animal Wisdom Tarot, Animism Tarot

He also frames the cards as union or integration between “head and heart, conscious and unconscious, light and dark” (65).

I can see clear representations of all four elements in the card: earth (grass, trees, calla lilies, sex), air (bird), water (stream), and fire (passion, red blanket). The Lovers card is associated with air.

Gypsy Palace Tarot

I think the honeybee is a beautiful representation of not only partnership, but with a wider, universal connection / love. Bees work together for the good of the hive and are communally connected in ways that humans are not.

The seahorses speak to joy and security, and Huszka asks, “Do I support my decisions with my whole heart?”

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