Reading: Body, Mind, Spirit

Since today is an anniversary, it’s a good time for reflection about the past, where I’m at now, and what’s coming. However, I decided to try a “body, mind, spirit” spread rather than a “past, present, future” one so I can be sure to assess each of these parts of myself as I look forward to another year with myself, with my sweetheart, and with my family of choice.

2015, Oct 24
Gypsy Palace Tarot

And look who shows up! My new friend the Lovers πŸ™‚

Position One: Body, Four of Wands

This card can represent “peace in the domestic sphere” (Wen, 133). The physical environment my body inhabits should become a more organized, clean, and peaceful place. I will have more time to dedicate to this physical part of my life, and I am approaching this change with motivation and excitement (wands = fire). The number four indicates stability, which can speak to my actual physical body as well as my physical environment. I need to spend more time caring for my body by:

  • making sure I eat (I have a tendency to not eat much when I’m stressed)
  • eating betterΒ (cereal and chocolate covered granola bars is not exactly a balanced diet)
  • moving my body (exercising regularly)

I love this card. I think it’s really beautiful. The woman looks so content and relaxed, like she has all she needs and can recline and enjoy the birds and the sunshine. And I absolutely love Huszka’s entry in the little white book for this deck.

Position Two: Mind, The Hanged Man

This card in the mind position could indicate that I need to use my intellect (swords, air) during this time when I am emotionally (cups, water) strung up and not sure where to go. Or maybe it means I need to stop trying to think my way out of this emotional quagmire and justΒ be here even though it’s not the most comfortable place I’ve ever been. InΒ Tarot for Life, Paul Quinn says the halo around the Hanged Man’s head “shows that it is an illuminated perspective, rather than a changed situation, that brings him peace” (93) or could also represent “the light at the end of the tunnel” (95).

The Hanged Man can be seen as allowing his subconscious to take over. I need to reconnect with the spiritual and pause long enough to do so! Tarot is already a major help in that department. While the Hanged Man seems stuck when we see him, change is happening within. I should be patient during this time of transition rather than trying to reason my way out of it as quickly as possible.

In this version of the Hanged Man, she is not upside down, but she is suspended naked next to two dresses. This is two different types of discomfort: her feet are not on the ground and she is nude (vulnerable?). Both clothing and the ground are close at hand, but neither are accessible.

Position Three: Spirit, the Lovers

My depression, anxiety, and c-ptsd can make it difficult to connect with others. The Lovers may symbolize prioritizing tending for the relationship with myself, with my sweetheart, with my family of choice, and with the world around me. In addition to caring for these connections, the Lovers could also symbolize my need to create connections between my conscious and unconscious, or my light and my shadow. If these aspects of my spirit can be connected or in communication, perhaps their contradictory features may not feel so jarring in my life. Accepting all parts of myself.

I like this card a lot as well. The way I see it, the white figures and creature on the ground could represent the physical world, the yellow and blue figures and creature in the air could represent the mind (emotion and thought), and the balloon can represent the spiritual realm. Both the body and the thoughts/emotions are holding onto the balloon string. I need to work toward connecting my body, mind, and spirit, and be open to the lessons of the universe and to the good that can come to my spirit when I connect with others.

I found this reading to be a great affirmation about the path I’m on πŸ™‚

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