Daily: Six of Cups

6 of Cups
Efflorescent Tarot

Today’s card is the Six of Cups.

Pre-Research Reflections

The card looks very cozy and intimate. Two people in a little flower cave with earth symbols everywhere. That could just be that this is theΒ Efflorescent tarot deck, but not every card is packed with flowers. Cups are water/emotion, so perhaps this card may have something to do with emotional closeness?

Huszka’s Six of Cups looks very different to me though. A woman looks into a tub of water or a well and sees a reflection. The woman looks sad, but her reflection waves and doesn’t exactly smile, but doesn’t look sad either. There’s a purple night sky with moon and star. A cat leans against the woman while a crown floats above its head. A cup sits on a stool. This card makes me think more of self-reflection or a disconnect between parts of self. In my animal decks, the deer and manatee look happy.

6 of Cups
Gypsy Palace Tarot

Reflection After Research

This is a card about nostalgia, reminiscence, and sentimentality. And the traditional card does indeed have cups full of flowers. It can also represent affection, giving or receiving friendly gifts, or enjoying the small pleasures of life. As a shadow, this card can represent clinging to the past. So this card can definitely encompass ideas of intimacy and sadness within the context of childhood memories or loving sharing of gifts between friends.

My own childhood memories are more reflective of Huszka’s representation of the Six of Cups. Of course there are happy memories, but there is also a sense of mourning that I did not truly have a childhood as it was stolen from me through the chronic trauma of emotional abuse. I was the “adult” in the house. So my reflections are more a mourning for what could have been. I recall one day my sweetheart was talking about some song lyrics that mention “the good old days” when things were easy as a kid. He can relate to that, but mentioned that it occurred to him that I couldn’t. Indeed, they were not the good old day. But to put a silver lining on it, I’m living the good old days. The good old days are right now!

6 of Cups - animals
Animal Wisdom Tarot, Animism Tarot

I’m a big believer in enjoying the small pleasures in life, even if I’m not always great at living it. A cool breeze, a hot shower, a good book, happy pets, cuddling on the couch.

More tidbitsΒ from the various little white books:

  • Deer: childhood wonder
  • Manatee: slow down
  • Nurture connections with loved ones through demonstrations of kindness and small surprises.
  • Forgive what is in the past and move trustingly into the future.
  • What hopes and dreams from the past can we revive in the present?

Today, the Six of Cups might say to me, “Yes, slow down. You are right to reorganize your life to prioritize the small pleasures and are taking steps to lessen the effect the past has on you. Remember to do the little kind things that tell people you love them.”

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