Daily: Page of Wands

Page of Wands
Efflorescent Tarot

Today’s card is the Page of Wands.

I am seeing why people say the court cards are hard to interpret.

I’ll start with a list of words: adventurous, dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, confident, ambitious, perfectionistic, immature, impatient, impulsive, eager, intrigued, hopeful.

Scanning the Animal Wisdom Tarot booklet, I found something that might be really helpful. “Court cards highlight personalities within a suit’s theme. … In addition to their suit, Court members also present an element” (9).

The pages’ element is earth. Pages are young and experience wonder at the world around them. So the Page of Wands represents the suit of Wands (Fire) combined with Earth. Perhaps then, the Page of Wands can represent a fiery enthusiasm about the world around us. Which of course has light and shadow.

Page of Wands
Gypsy Palace Tarot

On the light side, this page shows us the magic of adventure and creativity. She recognizes an opportunity when she sees it and does not let it pass her by. She reminds us of the excitement of new ideas and the youthful thrill of impulsiveness.

This very impulsiveness leads to the shadow side of this page. She is impatient when she doesn’t get what she wants from the world when she wants it. Her immaturity can hurt others, even when she doesn’t intend it to. And while she is eager for adventure, she doesn’t always think her plans through, so her adventures don’t all work out to be as fun as she thought they would be.

Page of Wands - animals
Animal Wisdom Tarot, Animism Tarot

Being a very sword-y person, I am drawn to this card as a role-model for balancing the elemental parts of my personality. I can take the Page of Wands’ light characteristics and try to view the world with a more adventurous and creative outlook. Of course I need to acknowledge the shadow aspects of this page, but I already overthink everything. So I need to use this page’s characteristics to tone down my overactive mind and to enjoy the world around me in a more youthful and enthusiastic way. Be a little impulsive sometimes.

I think each of these cards does a good job of capturing a youthful feel. I particularly like the chinchilla in the Animism Tarot deck.

If the Page of Wands could say something to me today, it might say, “Look at the world like an adventure waiting to happen.”

2 thoughts on “Daily: Page of Wands

  1. Wow that’s spooky. Our Daily Draws alligned today πŸ™‚ :)!!

    I really like that you look into both the light and shadow of the cards!! And I also found thinking of them as personalities and incorporating the element helpful when I first started :). That book you have is a good one πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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