Reading: Getting Back on Track

Reading 2015, Nov 17
Animism Tarot

I have fallen off of the cleaning and exercising wagon and haven’t managed to crawl back on yet despite telling myself I’m ready and should be doing so. I decided to ask tarot today “What can I do to get back on track?”

Six of Wands – A card of victory. Take pride and great satisfaction in what I do! Think of the feeling of accomplishment I will feel after I’ve vacuumed or done yoga. I know that feeling is waiting for me, I just have to do the work to get there.

Page of WandsΒ – Curiosity and enthusiasm. Rather then approach cleaning and exercising with hesitation or dread, I should look at them with fresh, enthusiastic eyes. Be a cute little chinchilla reaching for dandelion fluff in the wind πŸ™‚

Ten of Swords – A card of defeat. I don’t feel emotionally defeated right now, like I did a few weeks ago. My behavior needs to catch up. I’m not defeated, don’t let my behavior reflect defeat in my environment and body.

I need to be enthusiastic, look forward to the feeling of accomplishment I will feel, and to not let my behavior reflect a defeat that isn’t there.

3 thoughts on “Reading: Getting Back on Track

  1. I should do this exercise, as I’ve been having a hard time with my daily routines and needs, but wow am I afraid of what the cards will say. So I commend you for taking that step!

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