Two Card Pull

Tonight I’m feeling a little grumpy and a little jealous (which is a bit uncomfortable to admit). It’s actually been a good day, but a thing happened and I have a gross feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I thought I’d pull a card just to see what tarot might remind me or tell me.

Reading 2015, Nov 21
Animal Wisdom Tarot

Go figure, I’m too structured and get upset when things don’t go the way I planned them to. I am acutely aware of that. Since tarot stated the obvious, I pulled one more card to perhaps get some more insight.

Reading 2015, Nov 21 (2)
Animal Wisdom Tarot

While dissatisfaction might be the obvious message, I am really finding myself leaning toward the alternative interpretation ofΒ satisfaction with what one has each time I pull this card. This little crab might be saying, “Listen, life is good. You can’t get everything you want or make everything go the way you want. But take a step back. You have a pretty awesome life. And people love you and you’re only jealous of their time because you’re afraid. Take an honest look atΒ what you have and see that it is more than okay and more than pretty good. It’s great.” Okay little crab, you were way more helpful than the ram tonight.

Oh, and it just occurred to me that they’re both fours. Structure, structure, structure. Yeah. Don’t be so rigid. I’m working on it.

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