Full Moon Reflection

Moon & Self cropTime to reflect on my progress in each elemental area. The full moon gives me a chance to regularly check in with myself to see how I am doing and whether I am well-balanced or need work in a particular area.

Earth (Pentacles)

I have been more physically active lately. I’ve been hula hooping, and I started lifting small weights again a couple of days ago. I’m not totally on track yet, but I’m on the right track. It’s been too cold to get out on the trail, which is a bummer.

I’ve also been better at making actual meals instead of just eating whatever the easiest thing at hand is. So that’s good.

The apartment is a bit cleaner. I’ve set up a new chore schedule to help me stay on top of things on a weekly basis. This week it isn’t going so well with Thanksgiving excitement, but next week will be better.

Fire (Wands)

I haven’t been very motivated lately. I have a lot of things that need doing, and the lack of motivation is turning into stress as my tasks pile up. There’s not actually that many things I need to do, but without much motivation, it seems like a lot. I think this is just a more or less natural dip in motivation as the weather gets colder and the semester winds down. The next couple of weeks might be tough, but I’ll be fine.

Water (Cups)

It’s been so-so in this area. I’ve certainly been feeling a lot, but a good bit has been fear and anxiety due to a few different circumstances. However, I’ll give myself credit for handling these feelings in a much healthier way than in the past. Rather than totally letting them take over my body, I control what I can. I dig up the root of the the feeling, and even if I can’t banish it, I do tarot readings and create positive self-talk to help dampen the feeling (at least somewhat) until it passes.

Air (Swords)

Intellectually, I’ve been enjoying my school work. I also continue to do a better job of letting my brain rest and just being whether I am alone or with other people. It’s a nice feeling, and the world hasn’t crumbled around me.

Overall Reflection

It’s been a good month with some really hard bits thrown in there. I haven’t made as much progress between my last Full Moon Reflection and now as I would have hoped, but I have made progress, and for now I am content with that. I’m not stagnant, and I’m not moving backwards. My main focus has been Earth and Water, and the baby steps I’ve made there feel significant even if they don’t seem like it when I look closely at the changes I’ve made. I’m eating meals, I’m moving my body, I’m cleaning my home, and I’m trying my best to stay on top of negative emotions. I’m not winning at these every day, but that’s not the point today. I’ll go ahead and give myself a pat on the back.

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