Reading: Self Love

Depression is kicking my tush today. I mean big time. Now that I’m functional enough to be able to process a little through tarot, I wanted to do a small reading. However, any of the readings I found from my (very short) internet search of tarot readings for depression involved more self work than I can take right now. I don’t have any extra emotional reserves. I just need help with positive self-talk. So I decided to do a three card draw with just one question in mind: “What makes me a good person?”

Reading 2015, Nov 29
Gypsy Palace Tarot

Nine of Pentacles

I do things well, even if it takes time.

Even though I get really enthusiastic about things (at times to the point of obsessiveness), I am good at waiting when I know what’s coming is good. I’m independent. I take pride in a job well done. Once the initial foundation has been laid for a relationship, I am patient and dedicated to working on improving it and making it as good and strong as it can be.

Eight of Wands

I am passionate and action-oriented.

I am enthusiastic about my projects. When I am excited about something, I love putting together and implementing a plan. Like Huszka’s depiction, it feels like entering a new and enchanting place I’ve never been.

Two of Cups

I love deeply.

As much as relationships are a source of fear for me, I do love fiercely. I desire love, and I take great joy in expressing my love for others whether it be through kind gestures, small gifts, thoughtful listening, or quality time. When I love someone, I love them intensely.

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