New Moon Wellspring


I check in at each new moon to set goals for the month ahead. These are opportunities to better my life.


Home, Health, Nature, Work

  • Keep the dining room table clear for longer than an afternoon.
  • Keep taking care of myself (by taking it easy) as I get used to this new med
  • Once I’m feeling better, get back to hula hooping and walking.


Projects, Creativity, Inspiration

  • Start back up on making my first ever quilt


Relationships, Emotion, Spirituality

  • Start meditating again
  • Continue fostering my relationships in my chosen family
  • Write to some friends I haven’t spoken with a while


Knowledge, Communication, Justice

  • Read more books! Having a dang smart phone has gotten in the way of my reading :/
  • Give myself credit for improving communication — including being better at apologizing when I need to

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