Evening Read: 17 Dec 2015

Reading 2015, Dec 17
Ostara Tarot

Both cards today are ones that I don’t have super positive associations with, so this reading will be a good challenge and learning experience!

I know the Chariot has a generally positive meaning, but “control” and “willpower” are just keywords that make me feel icky at first glance. And I strongly identify with the Nine of Wands, but not for positive reasons. Time to do some exploring within myself and within the meanings of these cards.

Position One: What did I excel at or learn today?

The Chariot

Perhaps the reason I don’t have really positive feelings about the Chariot is that I often try to cling to control and assert my willpower when there’s just no good reason to. Today I did nothing at all, and while that seems to be the opposite of the Chariot, itΒ didΒ restore a type of balance to my life. I chucked my desire for control and just lounged watching too much Grey’s Anatomy and feeling zero guilt for not accomplishing anything. And it was delightful!

Position Two: How can I strive to be my best tomorrow?

Nine of Wands

RWS Nine of WandsI identify with this card so strongly because I’ve fought many battles in my life and, like the fellow on the RWS card, I stand guard — even if my fort is actually much flimsier than I admit. So actually this card could pair pretty well with the Chariot today. This card might follow up and say, “You’re a tough gal, but there is no one around here waiting to pillage your little fort. Take a break. Go play. Let your guard down. It worked out fine today. Why not tomorrow?”

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