Evening Read: 20 Dec 2015

Reading 2015, Dec 20
Ostara Tarot

Yikes! Let’s see how I can read these two cards in these positive positions.

Position One: What did I excel at or learn today?

Ten of Swords

As I’ve talked about before, I’ve experienced many Ten of Swords moments and periods of time in my life. Today I made a conscious effort to move beyond that and to extend trust where usually I would be too afraid or wary to do so. I expressed my love and appreciation of my chosen family to my chosen family. This was definitely a conscious move beyond my experience of life as waiting for the next Ten of Swords moment.

Position Two: How can I strive to be my best tomorrow?

Nine of Swords

Nine of SwordsAs a card of dark fears and mental anguish, this card may compliment the Ten of Swords in this reading and reinforce the idea that I continue to move beyond fear of betrayal and continue to openly invest in my relationships. The RWS portrayal of the Nine of Swords is an individual sitting up in bed with face in hands, distraught. This can represent a “dark night of the soul,” but night does not last forever. The sun will rise. I should watch the sun rise! The Ostara Tarot depiction shows a jaguar trapped by nine swords, all of which look different. This can represent my ability to imagine many different ways that things can utterly fall apart. At one point in time, this served me by allowing me to anticipate several different outcomes in my very unpredictable and unhealthy environment. Now this type of imagination is nothing but a hindrance. I can channel this ability to imagine different things to imagine positive outcomes, or to create projects or crafts. I can re-direct this thought energy to serve me in better ways.

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