Reading: Winter Solstice

Despite being a sad lump today, I’d like to try this winter solstice spread I found over on The Inner Atlas.

Reading 2015, Dec 21 (2)
Ostara Tarot

Whoa! My first all majors spread. That feels kind of heavy. To best understand what I’m thinking about here, I read up on shadow work here at Teal Swan.

Position One: Shadow Work, a shadow aspect to work on

The World

I really believe in the interconnectedness of the universe and all things in it, but I doΒ not trust others enough to foster and fully live out this interconnectedness in direct ways. I assume I will be let down and rejected. It does leave me feeling lonely and incomplete, which is of course not a nice way to feel.

Position Two: In Store, a lesson learned in the last year to help with the shadow work

The Devil

A lesson I have learned and continue to learn and will probably never stop learning: let go of what doesn’t work. As I talked about in my discussion of the Devil card, this is easier said than done. As the saying goes, the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. I may know that some habits or beliefs are not helpful for me, but it can be terrifying to try something else. I at least know what the consequences are in my current rut. What if it’s even worse on some other path?

Of all of the tarot depictions I’ve seen of the Devil, the Ostara Tarot one is my favorite. It captures so well the feelings and meanings this card holds for me.

Position Three: The Fire, wisdom or advice for moving forward and avoiding psychological burn-out

The Fool

The Fool may be saying to me, “You know, ‘let go’ means more than just letting go of what isn’t working. Sometimes you just need toΒ let goΒ … as in stop thinking so much and just be. Just experience. Just do. Just exist. Be silly. Lay your worries and burdens down and embody my philosophy of life — jump first, think later … or not at all.”

Position Four: Hope, a message of hope to lift my spirits


This has become one of my favorite cards in the tarot deck, so I felt a sense of relief when it popped up in this position. It reminds me that emotion is not a weakness and that I do have the inner strength to persevere and create a positive life for myself. It reminds me to tame but not abandon my inner lion (or dragon, in this card) — which for me speaks to my inner Fool. I really love the Ostara Tarot depiction of Strength. She has clearly been through battles, she carries two whole cities on her shoulders, and she holds her heart in front of her. For me, it really communicates a balance of strength and vulnerability. Even more than than, it shows them as being able to serve the same purpose. Emotion and vulnerability can be power, can be strength. This card does make me feel hopeful. I’ve seen battles, and I sometimes feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I am still a person with feelings and an inner beast that wants to play (and sometimes roar).

Overall Reflection

I really enjoyed this reading. So thank you to Bianca Lucine for sharing! I definitely needed this on such a glum day. The shortest, darkest day of the year! Oh, how I look forward to the days getting longer. In the meantime, I have my work cut out for me, but I know that with Strength I can tackle the job.

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