2016: Wishes & Shadow

I decided tonight to do a New Year’s spread. I drew three cards for “wishes” for the new year, and I drew the shadow card to be realistic about what might be challenging in the year ahead.

Reading 2015, Dec 31
Prisma Visions Tarot


Queen of Swords, Queen of Chalices, Six of Swords

I think the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Chalices speak to my wish for a better balance and synthesis between my logical, thinking mind and my emotional self. I wish to, like the Queens, master these elements within myself and use them for positive self growth. The Six of Swords is a wish for this journey to be smooth. A wish to continue moving on toward better lands and leaving unpleasant ways of being and understanding behind. The Queens indicate the strength I’ll need to make this journey and to seek out new lands which are unknown (and therefore kind of scary!). My overwhelming wish for this upcoming year is strong, definite personal growth. A more balanced and happy self that looks forward to good and doesn’t feel trapped in my mind or drowned in my emotions.

In my Messages for 2016 spread, I drew three Queens. Two more Queens here. I’m getting the message loud and clear that 2016 will be about internal mastery and change.


Four of Wands

I did this same spread for my sweetheart before doing my own. And guess what his shadow card was? The Four of Wands. We are currently sharing a struggle and trying to reset the four posts of familial bliss and easy happiness that the Four of Wands represents. This is no easy task, and it is casting a large shadow indeed over the coming new year. Hopefully this shadow doesn’t loom too far into the year.

Many blessings to everyone in 2016! See you next year 😉

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