Evening Read: 22 Jan 2016

Reading 2016, Jan 22
Dreaming Way Tarot

Position One: What did I learn or excel at today?

Four of Cups

Today it was really difficult to be satisfied with myself as I am. I was feeling adventurous yesterday and dyed my hair for the first time ever! It was supposed to be a dark color with a purple-y shine to it, but it turned out more red than purple. And I have a bumpy red face which seems to be mid-flair-up right now. (Doc thinks it might be rosacea?) Self conscious about my hair, self conscious about my face. I did do some reflecting today on how tough it can be at times to live self-love and self-confidence. Instead of being happy with the three cups in front of me, I keep looking for a fourth cup that will make me happier. It’s an uncomfortable way to be! Not quite a lesson, not something I excelled at, but something that became quite apparent today. So if I can recognize it, I can work to counter the negative self-talk.

Position Two: How can I strive to be my best tomorrow?

The Sun

Well … be confident! Love myself, be bold. Tomorrow I’ll be attending my first “psychic fair” where I plan to get my first in-person tarot reading. I’m pretty excited! Let go and enjoy the day. Exude goodness, accept goodness.

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