Evening Read: 18 Feb 2016

Reading 2016, Feb 18
Animal Wisdom Tarot

Position One: What did I excel at or learn today?

Ram, Earth Father (The Emperor)

I worked very hard around the house yesterday, and I let myself rest for much of today. I was very tired! So I think today I did a good job of not being overly critical of myself and not expecting too much strict adherence to productivity and structure. I accomplished a lot yesterday, I did whatΒ needed to be done today, and I allowed myself to recuperate.

Position Two: How can I strive to be my best tomorrow?

Fox, Seer of Branches (Page of Wands)

I can be passionate and not take life too seriously. Tomorrow will be a big day of sorts for me, so if I can keep a somewhat mellow approach while maintaining enthusiasm that would be great. Don’t overthink things. Think of life as an adventure with the possibility ofΒ good things in store for me. Don’t assume the worst, and don’t hide my enthusiasm.


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