Monday Meditation

(This post is so late because our car’s engine went out earlier today. What fun!)

A meditation for the week ahead: February 29 – March 6

Feb 29 - Mar 6
Dreaming Way Tarot: Two of Wands, The Empress, Queen of Cups

May I carefully consider the choices presented to me during the week.

May I nurture myself, particularly my emotional self.

May I listen to those around me and appreciate those who support me.

May I see the abundance around me: in my home, in nature, and in the people I love.

May I work harmoniously with those around me.

May I understand that big dreams have small beginnings, and may I stay passionate about my dreams.

May I tap into and have confidence in my creativity.

May I listen to my heart when dealing with others and when caring for myself.

I think it’s pretty cool how this spread shows the person in the Two of Wands facing the Empress and the Queen of Cups. It seems like they’re having a conversation. Maybe giving advice or support.


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