The Fire Court: Page

I’m finally jumping back into the Alternative Tarot Course after a stress-induced hiatus. Time to explore the court cards! I’ll be looking at the personality types represented in the cards, and trying to find people in my life or that I know of who reflect these court card characters. And I’ll start with the wands.

Wands - Page
Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot

Page of Wands

The unformed, immature, eager, and youngest member of the Wands’ court. The Page of Wands is brimming with potential and excitement for the possible adventures ahead of them. Their excitement may lead them to jump from project to project as the initial excitement of started projects begins to wane.

That last bit actually reminds me quite a bit of myself. I love a new opportunity as it arises, but I can become bored and move along to the next new and shiny thing pretty quickly. (Tarot has stuck, though!) I am not as comfortable with the unknown, though, as perhaps this page may be.

This page also reminds me of:

  • Milo from The Adventures of Milo & Otis
  • Fievel from An American Tail

Both are innocent, eager, fun, and stumbling into trouble and adventure.

This budding sense of wonder and eagerness for adventure is needed for us to create any significant change in our lives. Life adventures include: moving, opening a business, having a little one, sharing our inner selves, learning a new craft. While these things cross suits/elements, the fire spark of inspiration is needed to have the courage to begin.

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