A Donkey On Instagram

So I did something out of my comfort zone and got on Instagram. I’m actually really enjoying it! I’ve started doing a daily draw on Instagram and thought I’d share today’s here.

Daily 2016, Feb 19

Today’s card is the Knight of Wands from the Dreaming Way tarot. This knight reminds us to be confident in our endeavors. It’s easy to let self-doubt take root, but the Knight of Wands leaves self-doubt in the dust! You are good and valuable and smart and talented. Channel this knight’s passionate confidence today! (And how cute is my new little lady and her hedgehog!) #tarot #knightofwands#dreamingway #confidence

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Reading: Validation & Self-Care

My sweetheart got me the gorgeous Prisma Visions tarot deck for Christmas! I love it, and it is so beautiful!

Wow, it’s been weird not being able to work daily with tarot during this busy holiday season. It’s also been a kind of rough go emotionally. We’ve had good times, but I’ve had a particular situation / relationship on my mind which is really upsetting. So tonight I’ll do a reading to both validate my feelings and to seek advice on taking care of myself.

My interpretation might be short because I’m sleepy, but I really wanted to do a reading tonight.

Reading 2015, Dec 30
Prisma Visions Tarot

Row One: How I am feeling

King of Wands

I know what I want, but unlike the king, making this happen is not in my power. It is not in my power to create the change that would set my heart at ease.

Ace of Chalices

A whole well of feelings that I’ve just recently been able to articulate / name. It’s not positive though. It’s intense and sad. So rather than a seed of possibility, it feels condensed and concentrated.

Nine of Swords

I feel frozen by sadness. I feel out of options and tired of trying. I have trouble seeing how to get out of this particular scenario in any positive way. I feel bleak and gobbled up. I do not think that this is my depression. I am just intensely sad about this situation right now.

Row Two: How I can take care of myself

Page of Chalices

Be aware of my emotions, don’t judge them, and share them as needed.

Ace of Wands

Create things, even though I’m sad. Occupy my mind with sewing, tarot, business research, setting up a new workout routine. I may be super sad right now, but I can still keep busy.

Knight of Wands

I’m feeling really torn in two directions right now, and I can take care of myself by not choosing to act in a particular direction. Rather than rushing forward or spinning myself in circles, I can stop expecting myself to know what to do and what direction to go. I should just live with this contradiction at the moment. Time may help me move forward, but right now that is not productive.

Reading: Grief

Reading 2015, Dec 6 (2)
Gypsy Palace Tarot

Tonight I am struggling with some grief over past events. Just the kind of thing that occasionally bubbles to the surface, and even though it’s in the past and things are far different now, it just makes me really sad and I have to have a good cry over it.

I tend to pick stones out to reflect what I need help with or how I’m feeling. Today I laid out turritella agate (self-confidence, letting go of bitterness), bloodstone (healing), and dalmation jasper (strengthening family ties).

Then I asked, “How can move through this grief?”

Knight of Wands

A reverse meaning of this knight is an inability to move forward. Here this knight may be saying to me, “Go ahead, have your cry. That’s fine. But then we’ve got to get back on the horse. There is so much to do!” I feel like this card indicates that there’s not necessarily shame in stopping to grieve, but that that can’t be the end of my road. Look to the future, scope out exciting things to do. (Like watch X-Files with my sweetheart and eat popcorn … just as soon as I’m done processing with this reading.)

The Sun

Maintain clarity. It is easy to feel grief at the past actions of others. Don’t lose sight of where I am here and now in relation to these people. Things are better. So even though the past may rear up and open old wounds, don’t shut my eyes to the good that has eventually arisen from all that pain. Be confident in my ability to keep my eyes on the bright horizon as I go through this tough patch. Also, seek out the people and things that renew and support me. As the sun gives life on the planet, I should seek out that which gives me life.

King of Cups

Rachel Pollack in The New Tarot Handbook provides a reversed meaning of this King as: “Anger or tears may reveal long-hidden feelings.” I wouldn’t say these are long-hidden, but apparently they’ve been bubbling enough to spill over. Experience this cathartic release, and then get back to the upright meaning of the King of Cups: creativity through love. Being compassionate and trustworthy, and growing emotionally through this grief.

Overall Reflection

All of these cards seem to be saying, to some degree: “Feel it, let it out, and then get back to the good life. You don’t have to suppress it, but don’t linger in grief longer than you need to in order to release it.”

Reading: The Sun

Reading 2015, Dec 4
Animism Tarot, A Reading for the Sun from Rachel Pollack’s The New Tarot Handbook

This reading seems to call for a particular situation, so I’ll just keep in mind my general life transition right now for this reading.

Position One: What is clear about an issue or a situation?

Ten of Pentacles

I have security, my worldly needs are met. This security is a major reason I am able to make this transition. I’ve been able to stop working (mostly, I still teach online) and can dedicate a lot of time to my mental health, which includes practicing tarot.

This card can also symbolize family. I am feeling much more like a “real” member of my chosen family. A greater sense of solidarity helps to support me.

Position Two: What is clouded over?

Ten of Swords

I acknowledge that my fears of betrayal are exaggerated. However, they do indeed still exist. I haven’t been able to banish them. These fears cloud over my ability to truly relax into the feeling of familial solidarity suggested in the Ten of Pentacles.

Position Three: What helps me see clearly?

Ace of Cups

Consciously fostering a new emotional outlook. Joanna says, “This is the potential of creating something magical.” I sure hope so! The more I can grow this Ace of Cups seed, the smaller I hope my Ten of Swords fears will become.

Position Four: What confuses me?

Ten of Cups

This card symbolizes happiness and love and connection and family. Where the Ten of Pentacles represents perhaps a more structured sense of family, the Ten of Cups is more about joy in only each other’s company. Which is a lovely idea! And one I don’t totally understand. Since I am by far the latest joiner to this chosen family of mine, it seems very Ten of Cups and I don’t know what the rules are. They aren’t clear to me. And I do well with structure and rules. Everyone is accepted for who they are, but I don’t understand how respect is enforced, and respect is a big issue for me. (I’ve been in this family for literally years, but it’s just so different than my understanding of the world it is taking a long time to really settle in.)

Position Five: How can I simplify this issue or situation?

Knight of Wands

Conviction, passion, courage, and focus. Adventure! Perhaps I can simplify this transition by framing it as an adventure. There are unknowns and there may be bumps, but all adventures have each of those. So I should approach this adventure with excitement and deal with the bumps along the way rather than focusing all of my the time on what might go wrong or what I’m not sure of.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot says that this card teaches both pacing and stamina, both of which are good to keep in mind on this adventure.

Overall Reflection

Holy tens, Batman! Plus the Ace makes for a big message about beginnings and endings. This is indeed a major transition, and I feel like I’m on the cusp. I can look behind me and see someone totally different. I can look ahead and know that big things are coming, even if I’m not sure what they look like. And the Knight says, “You’ve got this! Stay brave and excited!”