Monday Meditation

A meditation for the week ahead: March 14 – March 20

Monday Meditation - March 14
Animal Totem Tarot: Death, Judgement, Page of Wands

May I listen to my inner voice and recognize the gifts which I have inside of myself.

May I not pressure myself to master a craft too quickly, and may I savor the process of learning.

May I not catastrophize seeming dead ends in my endeavors, but instead use my creativity to imagine a new path.

The Fire Court: Page

I’m finally jumping back into the Alternative Tarot Course after a stress-induced hiatus. Time to explore the court cards! I’ll be looking at the personality types represented in the cards, and trying to find people in my life or that I know of who reflect these court card characters. And I’ll start with the wands.

Wands - Page
Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot

Page of Wands

The unformed, immature, eager, and youngest member of the Wands’ court. The Page of Wands is brimming with potential and excitement for the possible adventures ahead of them. Their excitement may lead them to jump from project to project as the initial excitement of started projects begins to wane.

That last bit actually reminds me quite a bit of myself. I love a new opportunity as it arises, but I can become bored and move along to the next new and shiny thing pretty quickly. (Tarot has stuck, though!) I am not as comfortable with the unknown, though, as perhaps this page may be.

This page also reminds me of:

  • Milo from The Adventures of Milo & Otis
  • Fievel from An American Tail

Both are innocent, eager, fun, and stumbling into trouble and adventure.

This budding sense of wonder and eagerness for adventure is needed for us to create any significant change in our lives. Life adventures include: moving, opening a business, having a little one, sharing our inner selves, learning a new craft. While these things cross suits/elements, the fire spark of inspiration is needed to have the courage to begin.

Evening Read: 18 Feb 2016

Reading 2016, Feb 18
Animal Wisdom Tarot

Position One: What did I excel at or learn today?

Ram, Earth Father (The Emperor)

I worked very hard around the house yesterday, and I let myself rest for much of today. I was very tired! So I think today I did a good job of not being overly critical of myself and not expecting too much strict adherence to productivity and structure. I accomplished a lot yesterday, I did whatΒ needed to be done today, and I allowed myself to recuperate.

Position Two: How can I strive to be my best tomorrow?

Fox, Seer of Branches (Page of Wands)

I can be passionate and not take life too seriously. Tomorrow will be a big day of sorts for me, so if I can keep a somewhat mellow approach while maintaining enthusiasm that would be great. Don’t overthink things. Think of life as an adventure with the possibility ofΒ good things in store for me. Don’t assume the worst, and don’t hide my enthusiasm.


Reading: The Wheel of Fortune

Reading 2015, Nov 18
Animism Tarot, A Reading for the Wheel of Fortune from Rachel Pollack’s The New Tarot Handbook

This reading is a little abstract for me, but I’ll do my best! I think I’ll look at it like where I’m at in my own life cycle.

Position One: What turns the Wheel?

Queen of Wands


Position Two: What outer change will come?

Page of Wands

Adventures will come my way. I may not know what exactly they will be or when they’ll come, but they’ll be available. I just have to choose which ones to tackle!

Position Three: What inner change is possible?

Six of Wands

Victory! While I’ll never feel totally “fixed,” I contain the possibility of victories on my journey of self-healing. The Wheel of my journey rolls on, but I can celebrate the victory of a full turn, a new revolution.

Position Four: What new situation will I face?

Knight of Cups

I’m entering a new era of my life that calls for emotional action. For a long, long time I’ve been very reserved. I’ll be experiencing similar situations, but the newΒ cycle I am in calls for me to offer up more of my emotional self. My action doesn’t have to be fast or reckless. The RWS Knight of Cups isn’t galloping away at high speeds. But I do need to be moving forward.

I like the depiction here of the hippo diving. She’s exploring emotional depths.

Position Five: What rises?

The Fool

Folly rises. Silliness rises. I’m letting loose my inner prancing llama! (Or trying anyway, there’s a series of smaller ups and downs in this process.)

Position Six: What falls?

The Star

This card keeps showing up in kind of negative positions, which has me a little confused. But I’ll go again, then, with the shadow meaning: too high of expectations / ideals. These overly high ideals are falling away. Not all at once, but they are.

Position Seven: What is at the center?

Ten of Wands

Hard work is at the center! Hard work and motivation. The Wheel isn’t going to turn itself. Well, maybe it would, but I might not like where it would go. I’m pulling the strings I have control over to help guide it.

Reading: Getting Back on Track

Reading 2015, Nov 17
Animism Tarot

I have fallen off of the cleaning and exercising wagon and haven’t managed to crawl back on yet despite telling myself I’m ready and should be doing so. I decided to ask tarot today “What can I do to get back on track?”

Six of Wands – A card of victory. Take pride and great satisfaction in what I do! Think of the feeling of accomplishment I will feel after I’ve vacuumed or done yoga. I know that feeling is waiting for me, I just have to do the work to get there.

Page of WandsΒ – Curiosity and enthusiasm. Rather then approach cleaning and exercising with hesitation or dread, I should look at them with fresh, enthusiastic eyes. Be a cute little chinchilla reaching for dandelion fluff in the wind πŸ™‚

Ten of Swords – A card of defeat. I don’t feel emotionally defeated right now, like I did a few weeks ago. My behavior needs to catch up. I’m not defeated, don’t let my behavior reflect defeat in my environment and body.

I need to be enthusiastic, look forward to the feeling of accomplishment I will feel, and to not let my behavior reflect a defeat that isn’t there.

Daily: Page of Wands

Page of Wands
Efflorescent Tarot

Today’s card is the Page of Wands.

I am seeing why people say the court cards are hard to interpret.

I’ll start with a list of words: adventurous, dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, confident, ambitious, perfectionistic, immature, impatient, impulsive, eager, intrigued, hopeful.

Scanning the Animal Wisdom Tarot booklet, I found something that might be really helpful. “Court cards highlight personalities within a suit’s theme. … In addition to their suit, Court members also present an element” (9).

The pages’ element is earth. Pages are young and experience wonder at the world around them. So the Page of Wands represents the suit of Wands (Fire) combined with Earth. Perhaps then, the Page of Wands can represent a fiery enthusiasm about the world around us. Which of course has light and shadow.

Page of Wands
Gypsy Palace Tarot

On the light side, this page shows us the magic of adventure and creativity. She recognizes an opportunity when she sees it and does not let it pass her by. She reminds us of the excitement of new ideas and the youthful thrill of impulsiveness.

This very impulsiveness leads to the shadow side of this page. She is impatient when she doesn’t get what she wants from the world when she wants it. Her immaturity can hurt others, even when she doesn’t intend it to. And while she is eager for adventure, she doesn’t always think her plans through, so her adventures don’t all work out to be as fun as she thought they would be.

Page of Wands - animals
Animal Wisdom Tarot, Animism Tarot

Being a very sword-y person, I am drawn to this card as a role-model for balancing the elemental parts of my personality. I can take the Page of Wands’ light characteristics and try to view the world with a more adventurous and creative outlook. Of course I need to acknowledge the shadow aspects of this page, but I already overthink everything. So I need to use this page’s characteristics to tone down my overactive mind and to enjoy the world around me in a more youthful and enthusiastic way. Be a little impulsive sometimes.

I think each of these cards does a good job of capturing a youthful feel. I particularly like the chinchilla in the Animism Tarot deck.

If the Page of Wands could say something to me today, it might say, “Look at the world like an adventure waiting to happen.”