Seeds of Abundance

I’m participating in a challenge hosted by @violetauraphoto on Instagram, and today’s challenge is the Spirit of Abundance Spread. So I thought I’d really explore and elaborate on the spread here.

2 - SA Spread
Animal Totem Tarot

Position One: Seed, a beginning or something that needs nurturance

King of Wands

I am really fascinated by the Animal Totem’s description of this card. It speaks to me much more clearly than any other description for this King I’ve read. He may seem mellow, but he demands respect and he’ll become dangerously frenzied if he is crossed. It may not be the most flattering thing to admit, but I can relate to that. Respect is really huge for me. So how might this represent a seed here?

Honestly, my self-confidence has taken a huge hit recently. So perhaps I need to nurture the cocky confidence of the King of Wands (without taking it too far, of course). To feel worthy of respect.

Position Two: Sprout, energies, guidance, and support during the process

Queen of Cups

A willingness to go deep within myself to explore all of the emotions at play in this situation. However, I’m not sure if I am best served at this point in time by doing this solo or by inviting someone to make the dive with me. I need to do some serious reflecting on this.

Position Three: the Fruit, possible outcome

The High Priestess

If I am able to tackle this task successfully, I will have a stronger sense of who I am as I am. Not as others see me or wish me to be. I will be more confident in myself without allowing others to so easily shake my self-esteem. I will trust my own inner voice and intuition more than the voices around me.

Monday Meditation

A meditation for the week ahead: March 28 – April 3

Monday Meditation - March 28
Golden Tarot: Queen of Coins, Queen of Cups, Five of Swords

May I be gentle and thoughtful in my interactions, and may I avoid escalating any disagreements unnecessarily.

May I be level-headed and practical in matters of money.

May I avoid gossip and other behaviors that destructive to myself and others.

May I take time this week to really work on my self-care, both physical and emotional.

Monday Meditation

(This post is so late because our car’s engine went out earlier today. What fun!)

A meditation for the week ahead: February 29 – March 6

Feb 29 - Mar 6
Dreaming Way Tarot: Two of Wands, The Empress, Queen of Cups

May I carefully consider the choices presented to me during the week.

May I nurture myself, particularly my emotional self.

May I listen to those around me and appreciate those who support me.

May I see the abundance around me: in my home, in nature, and in the people I love.

May I work harmoniously with those around me.

May I understand that big dreams have small beginnings, and may I stay passionate about my dreams.

May I tap into and have confidence in my creativity.

May I listen to my heart when dealing with others and when caring for myself.

I think it’s pretty cool how this spread shows the person in the Two of Wands facing the Empress and the Queen of Cups. It seems like they’re having a conversation. Maybe giving advice or support.


2016: Wishes & Shadow

I decided tonight to do a New Year’s spread. I drew three cards for “wishes” for the new year, and I drew the shadow card to be realistic about what might be challenging in the year ahead.

Reading 2015, Dec 31
Prisma Visions Tarot


Queen of Swords, Queen of Chalices, Six of Swords

I think the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Chalices speak to my wish for a better balance and synthesis between my logical, thinking mind and my emotional self. I wish to, like the Queens, master these elements within myself and use them for positive self growth. The Six of Swords is a wish for this journey to be smooth. A wish to continue moving on toward better lands and leaving unpleasant ways of being and understanding behind. The Queens indicate the strength I’ll need to make this journey and to seek out new lands which are unknown (and therefore kind of scary!). My overwhelming wish for this upcoming year is strong, definite personal growth. A more balanced and happy self that looks forward to good and doesn’t feel trapped in my mind or drowned in my emotions.

In my Messages for 2016 spread, I drew three Queens. Two more Queens here. I’m getting the message loud and clear that 2016 will be about internal mastery and change.


Four of Wands

I did this same spread for my sweetheart before doing my own. And guess what his shadow card was? The Four of Wands. We are currently sharing a struggle and trying to reset the four posts of familial bliss and easy happiness that the Four of Wands represents. This is no easy task, and it is casting a large shadow indeed over the coming new year. Hopefully this shadow doesn’t loom too far into the year.

Many blessings to everyone in 2016! See you next year 😉

Messages for 2016

Continuing through Susannah Conway’s workbook, I’ve done a spread for the year ahead. I don’t subscribe to the idea of future-telling, but I do like the idea of a little message or tidbit to keep in mind for each month of the year ahead. So I’ve gone through and created a short message from each card, focusing on the particular messages in the little white book for the Ostara deck.

Reading for 2016
Ostara Tarot

January – Queen of Coins

I love that this card came up first, especially since it is one of two cards that I chose to help guide me in courage through the year ahead.

“Cherish home and family, focus on and nurture the world immediately surrounding me.”

February – Justice

“Be mindful that all actions have consequences. Choose wisely.”

March – Seven of Coins

“Enjoy the little things. Don’t miss out on these small things by being distracted by impatiently expecting ‘more.'”

April – Four of Coins

“Protect what is mine, but don’t neglect those around me. Share and be generous.”

May – Wheel of Fortune

“Appreciate the good in my life, and don’t let any bad events take me down. Remember that I control my emotional reaction to what happens around me.”

June – Queen of Cups

“Be imaginative and trust my intuition. Continue to be kind and empathetic, but don’t let myself be emotionally drained by others.”

July – Seven of Swords

“In seeking independence, don’t isolate myself. I can be my own person within community.”

August – Knight of Coins

“Hardship can bring valuable lessons. Don’t quit.”

September – Eight of Swords

“Be careful not to get stuck in my own head. Look realistically at situations and seek additional perspectives.”

October – Four of Wands

“Celebrate with family. Be happy.”

November – Queen of Wands

“Trust my creative vision. Be passionate.”

December – The Empress

“Appreciate the abundance of good in my life. Embrace my creative powers.”

First Impressions: Queen of Cups

Two of my decks arrived today! The Animal Wisdom Tarot and the Chrysalis Tarot.

I decided to go through the decks without looking at their accompanying books and to pick out my favorites just based on the way they look.  I then compared my two stacks to see which cards I had “favorited” in both decks.  I had five overlaps: Queen of Cups; Queen of Pentacles; Three of Cups; The Moon; and The World.

Another interesting note is that in The Animal Wisdom Tarot, my favorites were all pentacles, cups, and major arcana.  In the Chrysalis Tarot, I had at least two cards from each suit in addition to some of the major arcana cards.

I’ve decided to look at these pairs now together, first without reading their entries in the books, to see how each card makes me feel or what I see in either both cards or in one and not the other.  Then I will compare their respective entries.  Up first: the Queen of Cups.

First Impressions - Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups

The Animal Wisdom Tarot: “Sea Turtle, Nurturer of Shells”

  • This card seems peaceful and serene
  • The sea is calm and the moon shines through the water on her head like a crown
  • Other creatures: 4 fish, a starfish
  • Plants: seaweed
  • Cool colors, mostly blue and purple
  • She looks very content
  • She looks off the side of the card
  • Overall feeling: calm contentedness, happily basking in the moonlight

The Chrysalis Tarot: “The Watcher, Queen of Mirrors”

  • The card seems calm, but indeed, watchful
  • The moon shines through the tree branches illuminating the inner card frame in a lighter blue than the outside
  • Other creature: an owl in the tree branches
  • Plants: tree and grass
  • Cool colors, mostly blue and purple
  • She looks comfortable and watchful.  Like she is somewhere familiar but still calmly paying attention to what happens around her.
  • She looks off the side of the card.
  • She carries a bag and a cane, and appears to lean against the tree
  • Overall feeling: relaxed awareness of a home-like place

Side by side, they look like they’re looking at each other! Time to see what their little books say.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot: “Sea Turtle, Nurturer of Shells”

  • In addition to being tranquil and content, she loves deeply, is intuitive, and sees the good around her.

The Chrysalis Tarot: “The Watcher, Queen of Mirrors”

  • She is a psychic/mystic and encourages the Reader to develop their own intuitive abilities.

And out of curiosity, what additional insights can I gain from Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot? The Queen of cups is a dreamer and is in touch with the collective unconscious.

How can I relate all of this to my own journey?  I’m pretty happy these have ended up being the first cards I’ve begun to explore.  I have a tendency to look at the world around me and feel overwhelmed.  I internalize my stress which presents physically in headaches and digestive issues.  This makes it harder to see the beauty around me.  If I make a conscious effort to see the good and beautiful things around me and to let go of the things I can’t control I will be happier and will be able to feel and express love more deeply.

I have big dreams!  Maybe I need to trust my intuition in following these dreams and become the queen of my own journey rather than allowing outside voices to influence my ideas of what is “right” or “good” for me to do. I was never allowed much self-exploration as a kid since I was in charge of meeting the needs and managing the emotions of everyone around me.  It’s time to let my own intuition guide me to what feels right for me.  And in becoming a happier person who knows myself on a much deeper level, I will be able to better confidently exist in the world around me.